Simple. Fast. Secure.

Payteller's expert team of developers have created an array of financial transaction services delivered through a secure touchscreen kiosk platform that offers convenient and safe transactions for today's busy world.

Payteller’s exclusive LimeXpress™ Kiosks are perfect for commonly visited retail and transport locations such as bodegas, supermarkets, wireless dealers, bus stations and other frequently visited locations. LimeXpress™ Kiosks allow consumers to perform all of their financial transactions and manage their bills, and also provides convenience through the LimeXpress™ Mobile app and consumer website.

LimeXpress™ maximize revenue, profit and loyalty, while providing consumers with convenience and fast customer service in less than 2 square feet of retail space.

Current features include:

  • Pre-paid cellular top up
  • International Long Distance 
  • Bill Payment
  • Advertising

Features coming soon:

  • Card issuing and card load
  • Money Remittance 
  • Check Cashing- government, payroll & personal checks
  • Virtual Gift Cards, coupons and more

Remote Management:

  • Real-Time Consumer ID verification
  • Real-Time Access to sales, commissions & errors
  • Custom profile-drive ad management
  •  Heavy duty aluminum and steel enclosure with vandal proof, secure audit- trail locking  system
  • User friendly touchscreen and overhead ad display
  • PCI & EMV Compliant
  • Biometric technology for fast user check-in






The Payteller Mobile Application allows consumers to set up bills to pay, check account balances and set up reminders so they can manage their finances from the comfort of their smartphone.

Customers can preset all their bills to be paid and then visit any LimeXpress location for a simple and easy transaction, insert cash and pay all your bills at one time.  For more information please visit

SMS Platform

The Payteller SMS platform is a powerful tool to communicate with customers. As customers register and make payments at the kiosk, they are classified into groups which have associated events to send messages, texts etc. 

This ‘full cycle’ approach provides a unique contact system with a retailer’s customers, allowing businesses to stay connected in real time to monitor and provide superior customer service when consumers need it- NOW.






Providing multiple financial and telecom services to the underserved population offers a real opportunity to build a member base of recurring, loyal consumers. Combining our portfolio of services allows retailers to capture more same-person-spend, and enables cross-sell, up-sell and rewards which increase the revenue per customer by incentivizing the consumer to spend in one place. Payteller's development team has created a large suite of ‘a la carte’ software and service products to meet the specific needs for growing businesses. Services include but are not limited to:

Bill Payment:  Consumers can pay all of their bills at one easy to use location; pay in real- time or next day in most cases. Here are samples of over 1o,ooo providers available:


Wireless Top-up- Over 200 of the leading US and International providers including:

  • International Long Distance -  Pinless International Long Distance with highly competitive rates to over 200 countries worldwide.
  • Instant Card Issue/ Reload -  Payteller offers the only instant issue, verified prepaid Visa card in the industry through LimeXpress™, enabling consumers to immediately load and start using the card – all at one spot.
  • Card Load/ Money Transfer - Consumers can load their own reloadable LimeXpress™ Visa, prepaid card, load a family members card, or transfer funds between cards (depending on the card issuers policies).
  • Virtual Gift Card Mall - Sell virtual gift cards from market leading retailers. Virtual gift cards are a growing billion dollar industry offering significant discounts.
  • Remittance -  Money transfers worldwide at rates lower than most competitive locations.
  • Check Cashing - We partner with the best check cashing companies in the industry. Convenient Self-service check cashing 24/7; customer photo capture, ID card image capture and biometric fingerprint technology.
  • Product Sales - Insurance, subscription services and other complimentary products to provide additional revenue stream and increased consumer one-stop-shop satisfaction.
  • Customer Loyalty Program - Payteller’s Loyalty platform enables companies of all sizes to run loyalty, discount benefits and customer service programs that generate revenue, add value and provide perks for account holders.
  • Merchant Processing - Payteller’s partnerships with merchant processors offering local credit and debit options increasing reach to millions of consumers who will otherwise have to shop elsewhere
  • Fraud Prevention & Identity verification - Card fraud costs the consumer in excess of $10 billion every year. Payteller fraud detection services maximize safe transactions while minimizing clients’ exposure to fraud, increasing the number of transactions safely accepted, and reducing internal costs.
  • Software Services - An online enterprise can conduct business with anyone, anywhere in the world, and optimizing those opportunities means the difference between sinking in a saturated market and being the first to open a new region for your product or service. Payteller offers complete software customization for online, mobile and kiosk integration resulting in the perfect solution for your industry requirements.