Payteller was founded in 2012 by executives with over 75 years of combined experience in the payments and kiosk industry sector, and is introducing a new and innovative way for consumers to perform financial transactions via self-service kiosks, mobile phones and online.  After serving in the payments and prepaid card industry for the past 17 years, Payteller founder, Yves Yon, identified a growing need for easier access to financial transactions and pursued an innovative self-service approach using kiosks and mobile technology. Combining expertise in software development, industrial kiosk design, marketing, finance and operations, Payteller kiosks provide an array of products and services with a customer service support team that is unmatched in the industry. 

Payteller’s multi-purpose transactional kiosks help cash based consumers such as blue collar and immigrant workers, tourists, foreigners residing in the States, students and the 70 million+ underserved and unbanked people of all nationalities. The Company is also developing a strategy for expanding its business into Latin America and the Caribbean.