Payteller was founded in 2012 by executives with over 75 years of combined experience in the payments and kiosk industry sector, and is introducing a new and innovative way to allow consumers to perform financial transactions via a self-service kiosk, mobile phone and online. Payteller’s multi-purpose transactional kiosks are being marketed to end-users who mostly transact in cash, such as blue collar and immigrant workers, tourists, foreigners residing in the States, students and the 70 million+ underserved and unbanked people in the United States. Kiosks are being deployed across the U.S. and expansions for Phase II development are underway. The Company is also developing a strategy for expanding its business into Latin American and the Caribbean Region, with international franchising partners, distributors and participating banks.



The Un-Banked and Under-Banked / Underserved are a significant market. According to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, (FDIC), nearly one-third of the U.S. population—over 80 million people—are either underbanked or unbanked. Underbanked households hold a bank account, but also rely on Alternative Financial Services (AFS) providers. 

According to CFSI, 91% of underserved population have a mobile phone and 57% of these consumers have smartphone. Apps and other products aimed at the underserved are growing quickly. 

This group of consumers receives approximately $1 Trillion in income and makes $500 Billion in bill payments, translating to:

•            900 million walk-in payments

•            $1.5 billion in transaction fees

•            A fractured market that has no clear alternative to check cashing stores and money orders



1. Market

Consumers who have neither bank accounts (the unbanked) nor incremental credit (the underbanked) represent the largest untapped market for financial services organizations. This “underserved” market represents more than 88 million individuals and nearly $1.3 trillion in wages. One of the fastest growing segments in any industry, the underserved market could grow by six million people over the next two years.

The Payteller Solution:

•   Offer a 24-hour, self-service, automated and convenient solution.

•   Bring non-traditional bill payment and money transfer services to convenient locations

•   Offer faster, more convenient services at competitive prices.


2. WHY?

Good for the Consumer

•   Convenient – Pay bills where you get fuel or shop for groceries. No special trips.

•   Fast – Bill payments, top-ups and ILD purchases take 30 seconds or less!

•   Inexpensive – Most transactions priced at or below retail

•   Interactive – Get text-based reminders, offers, discounts and coupons direct from Payteller!

Good for the Retailer

•   Increase store traffic – Locations report higher sales of unrelated products immediately

•   Decrease costs – Move transactions from store clerks and expensive customer service personnel

Good for the Service Providers

•   Operational Efficiency – Billers increase payments, decrease collections

•   Retention – Prepaid cellular companies decrease attrition

•   Targeted Updates – ILD providers can update offers


3. Revenue Features

1. Transactional Revenue on all bill pay, wireless refills, money transfers, and international long distance on each transaction.

2. Product Sales:

·      Sim Cards

·      Gift Cards Prepaid/ Reloadable VISA cards

·      Insurance Products- Handset, Prepaid Legal, Subscription Medical

3. Advertising revenue- Rich media digital advertising on overhead display complete with promotions and content management and reporting

4. Kiosk branding- Custom skins with additional advertising panel space creates monthly, quarterly or annual additional income streams